公園近くのカフェ -CAFE PARK

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西恵比寿公園の角を曲がったところに、今回ご紹介する「CAFE PARK」があります。

この「CAFE PARK」は、健康志向の食事と居心地の良さに重きを置いたお店です。もし犬を飼っていても、このお店にはワンちゃんも一緒に連れて行くことができるお店なのです。
壁一面にはお店のスローガンが描いてあって、そこには英語で”お客様ご自身のお時間をお楽しみ下さい。お話ししたり、本を読んだり、リラックスしたり…”。このスローガンはまさに「CAFE PARK」のコンセプトだと思います。


「CAFE PARK」は東京や川崎でカフェなどを展開しているW’s companyの系列なのです。他にも代官山にあるWEEKEND GARAGEや六本木にあるArkhills Cafeなども同じ系列なんです。



Cafe near the park: cafe park

Around the corner of the West Ebisu park you can find Cafe Park.

I was one of the first customers for that day. The waitress opened the door for me and welcomed me with a big and sincere smile. Cafe Park focus on healthy food combined with cosiness. If you have a dog you can bring your four-legged friend with you because this restaurant is dog-friendly. One of the walls is decorated with a slogan: ‘Please enjoy your own time. Talking, reading, relaxing and more..’ I think this slogan describes the restaurants concept.

Lunch menu offers vegetable plate, several curries and hamburger dish. I went for the vegetables plate which includes, falafel, lentils, carrot with raisins, different lettuce, tomato, potato and grilled vegetables. I started with the hot corn soup and bread. For the bread three different marmalade were served, but I did not use them as I do not want to mix sweet with the savory soup and salad. This lunch set includes a drink; coffee, tea or juice. I chose the grapefruit juice. This lunch has a very affordable price of 1100 yen.

Cafe park is part of W’s company, a group of restaurants in Tokyo/Kawasaki. For example weekend garage in Daikanyama and Arkhills cafe in Roppongi belongs to this group.

Wifi in Cafe park works very well. I definitely want to come back for dinner and experience the cafe by night.