NYスタイルのサラダ専門店 ☆

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日比谷線恵比寿駅(4番出口)からすぐ近くにあるGreen Brothers を選びました。

Green Brothersではセイアサラダ・ビーガンサラダ・エビサラダが好まれているようですが、


Green Brothersは2020年までに日本で50店舗をオープンする計画があります。


today I wanted to get some protein and lettuces because I do not feel strong at the moment. Green brothers, a salad bar restaurant that takes inspiration from New York’s healthy takeaway cafés is a 6 minutes walk from our office and very near exit 4 from Hibiya line Ebisu station.

Green brothers sell several fixed salads for example ceasar salad, vegan salad and shrimp salad. I went for the teriyaki salad which costs 1100 yen. The ingredients are signature romaine lettuce, spinach, raw sprouts, julienned carrots, red onions, chinese cabbage and chicken teriyaki with garlic MISO ginger dressing. It was very healthy and tasty! As well you can build your own salad with any ingredients you want.

I hope Green Brothers manages to reach their goal of opening 50 shops by 2020, so that lunch breaks in Tokyo can truly take on a healthier glow.