大人が寛げる Freshness Burger☆

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地下鉄日比谷線恵比寿駅の3番出口近くにあるとても有名なFreshness Burgerに行って来ました。

私はMc DonaldsやBurger Kingのようなファストフードは健康に良くないので好きではありませんが、Freshness Burgerは違います。


Freshness Burgerは2フロアーあり、喫煙室も設置されています。特に2階は、素敵な音楽が流れており、非常に心地良くて、仕事をするのにも最適な環境です。



Fresh food from restaurant Freshness Burger. I am sure we all know Freshness Burger. It is in between exit 3 en 5 from Hibiya Ebisu station. Normally I am not a fan of fastfood like Mc Donalds and Burger King because it is unhealthy. Food from Freshnessburger is different. The burger consists of 100% fresh beef. The potatoes comes from a farmer in Hokkaido. The coffee beans are from Brazil without any bitterness.

Since 7/18 the limited spice curry chicken burger is available. Mr. Curry star Mizuno Hitoshisuke produced special curry with 8 various spices. I tried this burger and it was very fresh and tasy. Because I had special discount coupon I went for the set, it includes potatoes and 1 drink.

Freshness burger Ebisu has 2 floors including smoking room. Second floor is very peaceful, nice music is on, it is very quite and people are working on the computers.

Even you do not want to eat hamburger, Freshness Burger also has delicious -take away- drinks. I have more discount coupons which is valid untill 31 August. Please let me know if you want any of them.