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ネパールレストラン Khumbila ☆

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会社からわずか5分でネパールに行った気分になれる場所があります。そこはネパールレストラン Khumbilaです。








Nepal is just around the corner of our office! Walk 5 minutes and you can find Nepalese restaurant Khumbila. This means God of khumbu, one of the high Himalayan peaks in the Khumbu region of East Nepal.

Today I had lunch with my friend and her mother from Beiing, we have not seen each other for 4 years! I know her from my study time in South Korea.

Khumbila has a cozy interior, we had lunch on the top floor which is the third floor. Two choices for the lunch menu, curry and rice or Himalayan noodle set. I went for the 2 curry (Chicken curry and Dal curry) with rice, costs are 918 yen including tax. My friends mother went for the Himalayan noodle, 864 yen incl. tax, both dishes are photographed ^^ Besides those two dishes you can chose for a lunch buffet, all you can eat for 90 minutes. This buffet is on the third floor as well.

The lunch was delicious but I did not like the drink, it was not really lassi (yoghurtdrink) but more the Japanese karupisu which I don’t like.

Next time I want to try the Himalayan noodle, it looks so delicious!


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